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The MōVI
a gamechanger
in image stabilization

...your multilingual MoVIoperator and MoVI-rental in and from Austria.

What is a Movi?

The MoVI (actually MōVI) is a camera stabilization system for Film- and Videocameras, designed by Freefly Systems from USA. Its initial purpose was to stabilize camera movement on radiocontrolled cameradrones - so called Multirotors. Different than the steadicam or gyros, the MoVI works active instead of passive. The MoVIs sensors identify unwanted movement and keep the camera in its place, virtually removing shake and vibration - if the system is well set up and balanced. The result is unmatched footage despite big camera shake - a revolution to the film world.

Compared to cranes, dollys and other technical equipment, the MoVI has extremely fast setup times and outstanding flexibility. Still it can be attached to cranes, etc.. It can be radio controlled and its silent and smooth motors are better suited for crane work than most remote heads out there. However, the best thing is: going up on a crane, down again and on the fly you can go handheld or on a vehicle without ever stopping recording. Can you smell the outstanding opportunities.

We are constantly working on new ways to free the camera even more.

Our MoVI delivers live images to an external monitor on request so you can radio control camera movement and even remote focus (which we offer too) from a distance.


Despite all the technology, there is still room for camera movement - especially up and down during walking, running or other fast action. Here´s where a good operator is worth every penny. Not only can a good MoVI-Operator balance the rig well and offer all solutions for remote control (live view on external monitor, remote follow focus), he also knows how to move with the rig. The single axis that is still not balanced by the system is up and down. Even when walking, unexperienced operators still have a lot of up and down movement. As former students of sports science at Vienna University, we have a wealth of experience and body control. We can do all sorts of physical movements, keeping the camera position in mind. From the "steadicamwalk" to fast run, Bike, Ski, Segway, InlineSkate, etc.. Body control is our big plus. Several years of steadicam operation and flying with radiocontrolled multirotor drones give us even more experience with cameramotion in 3D space. Beside all that we are professional photographers and videographers - we perfectly know how to frame your scene.

MoVI Air- and Ground-Operation.

As previously mentioned - the idea of a motor controlled camera stabilizer has its origins in the air. Camera equipped radiocontrolled multirotors (sometimes known under the ugly word drone), deliver breathtaking images and footage from a birds eye perspective. Our MoVI too lifts off after a few minutes of preparation and is ready again for ground operation shortly after. Our Multirotor - a cinestar 8 - was created by Freefly Systems, the inventor and producer of the MoVI.

Additional to aerial operation we offer several possibilities very close to the floor, such as a radio controlled battery powered car with an outstandingly high vmax of 100km/h, flying our MoVI just a few milimeters above ground.